Did you know DotNet runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows? It also runs in containers. .NET 6.0 is the long-term support (3 years) version released last year. .NET 7.0 is the latest version with standard support (1 1/2 years).


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The dotnet command-line interface helps create new apps, or restore packages, or build and publish your app. ‘’’ dotnet new list ‘’’ returns all the templates you can use to start a new .net project, for instance asp.net mvc, asp.net with react, blazor server, blazor webassembly, etc.

The default container image for .NET is larger than necessary. Use the .net alpine x64 image to reduce the container image by half, and speed pulling, building and pushing operations.

Once containerized, the .net app can run on any container hosting option including Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, or Azure App Service. Each of these services are worth a separate post. To be continued.

ASP.NET sample using Alpine container image

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DotNetConf videos

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